How to Use Self Drilling Rock Bolt?

2022/03/10 11:06

In tunnels and mining, self drilling rock bolt is especially used for initial help of tunneling. high strain grouting is carried out thru the hole bar to strengthen the soil or rock mass to make sure the surface stability. according to the kinds of help in the tunnels and mining, it may be divided into fore piling, radial guide, tunnel-face help, locking the foot help and reinforcement of the tunnel portal.

First, we should do some preparation, such as getting the drilling rig and rock bolts ready, prepare grout. Before drilling, we need to connect the drill bit with the hollow bar and check if the inner path is blocked. Also, we need to connect the grouting pipe with hollow bar. Then, start the drilling rig and the grout machine, drill and grout simultaneously. After the grout solidified, install the plate and nut.