Why choose Self-drilling Anchor Bar?

2022/10/28 10:48

Self-drilling anchor bar have the following advantages compared with ordinary anchor bar:

1. It is suitable for all kinds of geological conditions. Especially in geological conditions that are not easy to be constructed by ordinary anchor construction techniques, such as geology prone to collapse holes.

2. The drilling depth is not limited. Due to the limitation of existing anchor materials and drilling equipment, the drilling depth of conventional anchor rods is shallow, but the drilling depth of self-drilling anchor rods can be much larger due to the low drilling resistance, according to the report of Hengnuo anchoring project, the drilling depth of self-drilling anchor rods is 18m.

3. It is suitable for construction in narrow space. The length of single rod of self-drilling anchor can be cut or extended as needed, and the common specifications are 2m, 3m, 4m and 6m.

4. Simple process. Self-drilling anchor rods complete drilling, grouting and anchoring in one drilling, simplifying the process and speeding up the construction.

5. Facilitates stabilization of the hole wall. The cement slurry with water-cement ratio of 0.4~0.5 is supplied under pressure by screw grouting machine while drilling, so that the slurry fills the hole and the fissures of geotechnical body rapidly and is absorbed and cured by the hole wall to ensure the stability of the hole wall.