The Construction Process of Self-drilling Anchor Bar

2022/10/28 11:17

1. Pre-construction preparation: Check whether the functions of the drilling rig are normal, whether the drill bit and the rod body are broken, and whether the rod body is clear. After ensuring that there are no problems, rotate the hollow anchor body to be used with the drill bit.

2. Drilling and grouting: Connect the rod body and grouting pipe to the drilling rig by rotating the grouting adapter and grouting during the drilling process, so that drilling and grouting are completed simultaneously.

3. Anchor body extension: If the length of a single self-drilling anchor does not reach the design drilling depth, it can be connected with a connecting sleeve to meet the design requirements.

4„ÄĀInstallation of pad and nut: After grouting is completed, install pad and nut in the exposed part of self-drilling anchor rods against the construction surface in order to ensure the anchoring effect.