1. Pre-construction preparation: Check whether the functions of the drilling rig are normal, whether the drill bit and the rod body are broken, and whether the rod body is clear. After ensuring that there are no problems, rotate the hollow anchor body to be used with the drill bit.2. Drilling and
2022/10/28 11:17
Self-drilling anchor bar have the following advantages compared with ordinary anchor bar:1. It is suitable for all kinds of geological conditions. Especially in geological conditions that are not easy to be constructed by ordinary anchor construction techniques, such as geology prone to collapse
2022/10/28 10:48
Self-drilling anchor construction technology is a new type of anchoring technology developed in recent years, which is suitable for various complex geological conditions and construction site environment. Self-drilling anchor construction realizes the integration of drilling, grouting and anchoring
2022/10/28 10:30
In tunnels and mining, self drilling rock bolt is especially used for initial help of tunneling. high strain grouting is carried out thru the hole bar to strengthen the soil or rock mass to make sure the surface stability. according to the kinds of help in the tunnels and mining, it may be divided
2022/03/10 11:06
First, we must use a drill rod to drill a hole with a rig in the rock or soil. And then, we pull out the drill rod and put the hollow bar in. What’s following is grouting and anchoring. The whole construction is very complex. What’s worse, when processing at unstable ground, the drilling hole will
2022/04/22 11:06
 TOP ANCHOR Attends AIMEX in 2019, Australia.
2022/05/17 11:05